Ms. Nicole Willis is vocalist/songwriter with certain underground/independent presence that has been working for over 30 years internationally. Raised in Brooklyn, Ms. Willis created acid jazz classics and worked with veteran soul musicians as well as known techno, house and funk heads. With roots in alternative music, and influences from everywhere, everything goes into the creative process with the intention of never fitting into the mold, in fact just plain breaking it.

In her soul revival project she has lent authenticity and navigates well through the genre, while also manning electronic projects, and concentrating on organic dance floor grooves.

With the various projects that Ms. Willis has been involved, she has performed in cities such as Nairobi, Saint Gallen, Glasgow, Paris, Weissbaden, Liverpool, Christchurch, New York, Modena, Stockholm, Saas Fee, Montreal, Osaka, Rome, Berlin, Cologne, London, Los Angeles, Barcelona, Ollioules, Cork, Hamburg, Amsterdam, Tokyo, Auckland, Quebec City, Manchester, Edinburgh, Madrid, Sydney, Concarneau, Dublin, to name a few.