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Nicole Willis & UMO Jazz Orchestra - My Name Is Nicole Willis
CD Album
Vinyl LP

Nicole Willis & UMO Jazz Orchestra

My Name Is Nicole Willis

Persephone Records

Released: 29th September 2017 | 11 track soul album

Nicole Willis, known for her collaborations with The Soul Investigators & Jimi Tenor produces an album including some of the tracks she composed with the former as well as originals specifically for a fresh collaboration with UMO Jazz Orchestra. Jimi Tenor, who is a multi-faceted artist, has penned all arrangements for the big band and their talented rhythm section. Pete Toikkanen who is a mega-talent guitarist from The Soul Investigators, along with the two, composed those original tracks that highlight their alternative influences. Indie god & personal hero of Ms Willis, Ian Svenonius introduces Ms Willis on the first track and wraps up the LP with a final plea.

The album is produced by Nicole Willis.

Ms Willis delves into her Northern Soul anthems with One In A Million, Together We Climb and Break Free (Shake A Tailfeather) and with the never released (Everybody) Do The Watusi. UMO Jazz Orchestra add extra horn dynamic and Tenor's arrangements shine, as they have done so on the Soul Investigators' records. Pete Toikkanen whose unique style has been a defining asset of the group give the UMO Jazz Orchestra a rawness in treatment that they have never quite exhibited before. The mixes flatter all involved and are full. Mr Svenonius is superb without even trying and is on as ever.

"Listening to this album I got confirmation of Nicole's charming vocals, which move sinuously between several new songs"
Black Mighty Wax aka Cesare Cera, Irma Records
"The Willis, Tenor and Toikkanen partnership knows a thing or two about quality soul music. This sparkling release takes their sound to another level."
Simon Harrison, Basic Soul
"The sound of Nicole Willis & UMO take you into cinematic moods. In view shimmers the urban skyscrapers of a 1970's film."
Harri Römpötti, Helsinki Sanomat